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I Live in Mississippi

February 5, 2010

Mississippi is a state located in the Southern United States. Jackson  is the state capital and largest city. The state’s name comes from the Mississippi River, which flows along its western boundary, and takes its name from the Ojibwe word misi-ziibi (“Great River”) or (“without source”) in ancient Chickasaw.[4]  The state is heavily forested outside of the Mississippi Delta area. Its catfish aquaculture farms produce the majority of farm-raised catfish consumed in the United States.[5]  The state symbol is the magnolia  tree.

My Favorite Animal, the Llama

February 5, 2010

Llamas are members of the camelid family. The camelids originated on the central plains of North America about 40 million years ago.

From there, about three million years ago, llama-like animals dispersed to South America. By the end of the last ice-age (10,000-12,000 years ago)the camelids were extinct in North America.

Llamas were domesticated from guanacos in the Andean Highlands of Peru4,000-5,000 years ago, and are among the oldest domestic animals in the world. Primarily a beast of burden, they also provide native herdsmen with meat, fiber for clothing, hides for shelter and manure pellets for fuel. Read more…

I Love To Visit Slovakia

January 24, 2010

Slovakia is a peaceful country, with beautiful scenery, inexpensive shopping and tourism and hospitable people.

Slovakia is becoming one of Europe’s focal points for travel and tourism. “Slovensko” in the native language of Slovak, officially named the Slovak Republic, the country enjoys moderate weather and a prime map location, bridging east and west.

Slovakia’s capital city Bratislava is a growing hub of culture, as well as the national seat of politics and business. Its thousand year history offers a great deal to visitors. The second-largest city of Kosice is a centre of heavy industry, but also of architecture and multiculturalism. Read more…