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I Love To Visit Slovakia

January 24, 2010

Slovakia is a peaceful country, with beautiful scenery, inexpensive shopping and tourism and hospitable people.

Slovakia is becoming one of Europe’s focal points for travel and tourism. “Slovensko” in the native language of Slovak, officially named the Slovak Republic, the country enjoys moderate weather and a prime map location, bridging east and west.

Slovakia’s capital city Bratislava is a growing hub of culture, as well as the national seat of politics and business. Its thousand year history offers a great deal to visitors. The second-largest city of Kosice is a centre of heavy industry, but also of architecture and multiculturalism.

Come and discover this near but unexploited treasure!

About Slovakia
An index of key facts about the country: History, Government, European Union membership and Demographics. Climate and weather. Visas and embassies (Information about visiting Slovakia)
Slovakia versus Slovenia!
Travel and Transportation
Getting to Slovakia, and how to get around once you’re here. Cheap flights, car rental and other transportation. Map of Slovakia.
Tourism in Slovakia
Things to do in Slovakia. Useful information on Shopping, Sports & Recreation, Culture, Castles and National Parks.
Cities, towns and regions
A guide to most of Slovakia’s main cities, towns and regional destinations.
Pictures of Slovakia
A gallery of sightseeing. Free pictures of towns, castles and nature to illustrate your web site.
Hotels in Slovakia, accommodations
Where to stay: Hotels, Pensions and Apartments, but also Spas and other special offerings like castle hotels. Bratislava hotels.

It’s not easy for a country to overcome a situation like Slovakia’s. Although its location is very close for travellers in the region (especially to Austria), many do not realize how near it is. More than a few still feel prejudiced against any recently communist country. Some people have the incorrect impression that war in the former Yugoslavia somehow involved Slovakia.

The truth is that life in Slovakia (the food, the shopping, the cultural events) is very European, much like in countries to the west, except that commercialism has not yet advanced so far. Among other things, this means many things are much less expensive here…

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